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Pasticceria Valzani

About Us


Welcome to Pasticceria Valzani, where generations intertwine the tapestry of authentic Roman confectionery artistry. Since 1925, our family's devotion has birthed unique culinary masterpieces that are testament to heritage and innovation.

As the custodians of a century-old tradition, Pasticceria Valzani embodies the essence of Roman confectionery. Our journey, ignited in 1925, bears testament to family passion that forges exceptional gastronomic creations. We preserve cherished classics like Pangiallo Romano and Panpepato, harmonizing them with contemporary marvels like Diavoletti al Peperoncino. An authentic, sweet experience that bridges history and the future.

Nestled in the heart of Rome since 1925, Pasticceria Valzani is a sanctuary of culinary heritage. Our legacy resonates through flavors, aromas, and time-honored traditions passed down through generations. A timeless bond between yesteryears and the present.

For decades, our artisanal family has been devoted to upholding authentic Roman confectionery recipes, crafted with love and premium ingredients. Each delicacy emerging from our kitchen is a testament to unwavering commitment to preserve authenticity and culinary excellence.

From celebrated classics like Pangiallo Romano to Panpepato Romano, our specialties embody Roman traditions. These creations carry within them the stories and scents of ancient Rome, infusing every bite with a taste of history.

Yet, we embrace modern innovation while cherishing our roots. Our Diavoletti al Peperoncino embody this harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, offering a taste of centuries past with a contemporary twist.

Our promise is to create a welcoming environment where every visitor becomes part of our family. Stepping into Pasticceria Valzani, you'll immediately sense the warmth and familiarity that define our ethos. We're here to share not just our sweets, but also the passion, dedication, and love infused into each creation.

In all that we do, from ingredient selection to recipe preparation, from meticulous attention to detail to the art of presentation, we strive to exceed expectations and offer an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Pasticceria Valzani, where history, flavor, and love meld into every delectable bite.


Vincenzo Valzani began his apprenticeship near some of Rome's finest historical pastry shops. His passion led him to open his own pastry shop in Trastevere in 1925, cherishing the age-old Roman traditions like Pangiallo, Torrone, and Mostaccioli. The Valzani Pastry shop stands as a testament to preserving the craft and culture of bygone eras.